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Cellular Broadband – A Mobile Internet For People On The Go!

Are you not amazed by the continuing development in the internet technology? The internet has evolved from the simple DSL and cable internet to the present day cellular broadband or mobile broadband and wireless broadband. Life for many people of this technology world is fast paced. So, they are always moving. In fact they are the kind of people who make every space their virtual office. These people were the inspiration of electronics and telecommunication engineers in their continuous quest for innovation – their discovery of cellular broadband.

Cellular broadband internet connection is also called mobile broadband internet. Do not confuse this with a wireless broadband. They are entirely different.  A wireless broadband is an internet connection sin the cables that are connected to the computer. A wireless broadband needs just a router and your laptop or computer turns home Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the cellular (or mobile) broadband can have internet connection through cellular sites. As long as there are cellular towers in the locality, you can have internet connection. You cellular phone will have a new task.

How reliable and dependable is the cellular broadband?

As long as there is good signal transmitted by the cellular site or tower, the cellular broadband will run with adequate speed to perform the designated task. However, if the locale has poor cellular signal, do not expect to have internet connections, no matter how updated and versatile your laptop is.

How can you connect to a cellular broadband?

  1. First requisite is a cellular site or tower. It is through this that signal is acquired which in turn transmits the data.
  2. You need the following devices – cellular phones, mobile dongle (the mobile modem) and data card.
  3. Click the appropriate button for an internet connection.

There is new development in the field of mobile broadband. This pertains to computers manufactured with a built-in cellular broadband. With this invention, all you have to do is install an adaptor card in the slot in the computer. Once done, you can go on the run.

There are two popular cell systems, already both digital. These are the GSM and CDMA. In the internet connection, the systems are assigned available channels that will send internet data instead of voice.

The presence almost everywhere of cellular sites inspires service providers to go into the cellular broadband business. So – internet providers include this cellular broadband in their services. Different service providers use different networks with different bandwidths. There are providers that make use of the EDGE network and they operate with 274 kbps. There are some who still utilize the GPRS service with a slower speed – 30 to 80 kbps. There is one solution with average 400 to 700 kbps bandwidth; this is the UMTS/HSDPA. This is available in some metropolitan areas only. Furthermore, other providers use the EV-DO technology as the solution which has 400 to 700 kbps and a burst speed of 2.4Mbps.

The cellular broadband has been a great help to people who want to establish virtual offices. Because of the need to do their jobs fast, they connect to the internet anywhere they go. There is assurance that as we move along in this modern world, electronics and telecommunications will always be top priority in inventions.


Prepaid Cell Phone Internet

Another Era Of Wireless – The Prepaid Cell Phone Internet Is Here!

From the ordinary phone connected internet (DSL) sprung different types of internet connections. Broadband, as the term is widely used today, is no longer confined in the homes or offices. With wireless, any place can function for internet connectivity. WiFi came, mobile internets proliferated the telecommunications market. And the mobile and wireless internet providers now have the prepaid cell phone internet. You want to save? What do you profit in using the prepaid cell phone internet?

A prepaid cell phone internet offers many benefits. You do not have a need for time consuming contracts. There will be no hassle of reading, signing and having the contract approved. There is no need for credit checking which is usually present in a postpaid subscription. There is no required monthly billing, meaning you only pay for what you consume. And – you have the connection at the tip of your fingers – no waiting!

What are the requirements for a prepaid cellular internet?

The necessities are broadband card, installation flash drive, high speed USB 2.0 and of course, you should have a user manual to be able to install correctly. The system requirement is very basic – it will run with any of the following OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista. Another must is 32 MB RAM, 14 MB disc space and USB 2.0 slot or port.

The cellular internet is comparable to a cable or DSL broadband. The only difference is the kind of phone lines used – DSL for cable connected home telephones while the cellular broadband makes connection through cellular sites. The cellular internet is also different from the wireless WiFi where you use your laptop or WiFi enabled devices in hot spots to connect to the net. The cellular internet enables you to surf, email, upload and download with your laptop in places with cellular signals. This is also called mobile internet. This mobile internet now comes without a contract – it is prepaid cellular internet.

Ways to have a prepaid cellular internet connection :

  • Buy a laptop with a built-in wireless (cellular) internet.
  • Buy a wireless or broadband card that you can slide into the slot of your laptop.
  • Buy a USB modem that can be plugged to the laptop through a USB port.

Depending on your modem and card type, you can have varying speeds of internet connectivity. The speed can be as fast as your internet connection at home with a DSL or even faster when there is strong cellular signal. Of course, the speed is also dependent on your modem.

For whom is the prepaid cellular internet?

If you are a person who has extreme mobility, you are better with a cellular internet. If you are mobile but you are not sure of your internet time (not consistent), you better have the prepaid cellular internet. Then the cellular internet card is recommended to you if you are not keen on having commitments with internet service providers.

However, there are minor flaws in the prepaid cellular internet. You might find that sometimes, they are not as fast as expected, especially when you are downloading large files at a long period of time. There are also some prepaid cellular providers who restrict you from streaming and sharing (though this is also a restriction that can be made on postpaid subscriptions). But the good thing is, the prepaid cellular internet is good in data burst. With prepaid cellular internet, you can readily shift from one provider to another. You can get the best deal.  

Are you now ready to shift to prepaid cellular internet? Try it but as you are doing your dry run, do not yet cut-off your existing postpaid internet. You can have a comparison on the two and you can decide which suits you better.


Prepaid Satellite Internet

Will You Try The Prepaid Satellite Internet?

Satellite?  How can an internet source its connectivity from a satellite dish? Well do not be naïve,   it is now possible and what will amaze you more? There is a prepaid satellite internet? Well you know that prepaid internet has many advantages to you since you are not using the internet extensively. Will the prepaid satellite internet be better than your current prepaid mobile internet?

Indeed, telecommunication has gone a long way. You could hardly count on your fingers the many innovations that have marveled you. Computers, cellular phones, laptops, internets – all these inventions have had unaccounted benefits to human life.  And now, at your finger tips is another innovation – the satellite for your internet.

Satellite data communications is getting its share in this competitive internet market. The portable satellite data communicator has been launched and used. In the beginning, the satellite data transfer was limited to large business establishments. Or – they were tied down to large dish that required big space. But now, there are portable satellite dishes which are available at affordable cost.

The satellite communications can connect with the use of a satellite terminal which in turn can be used for the following functions:

  1. Browse the web
  2. Be in touch through instant messaging
  3. Send and receive email
  4. Video, audio and test streaming
  5. Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  6. Fax over IP
  7. Access securely through VPN and SSH
  8. Do image and video transfers through the IP-enabled camera software.

How to use the satellite dish

This portable satellite device can be easily set-up. The terminal is light and buoyant to bring and transport.  When you are at your desired location, the GPS sensors in the terminals will indicate your exact location. The software in the device will point out the directions. All you have to do after is angle the sensor to the pointed direction. Now, you have set up your prepaid satellite internet.

Immediately after your terminal is connected to the satellite, you can connect to the internet. You can have a fast internet speed, depending on the model of your satellite. In most cases, the speed of this kind of internet connection is faster that your home-based dial-up. The satellite terminal will be the transmitter of data – both in sending and receiving. The terminal is comparable to your cable or DSL modem. To start with your internet job, you just connect the satellite’s terminal to your laptop. You can use Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB or Wifi.

As for the coverage of your prepaid satellite internet, you can have RBGAN (Regional Broadband Global Area Network) or BGAN (Broadband global Area Network). BGAN has a wider coverage – the whole of Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The RBGAN works on the areas where BGAN does except for North and Central America. There is still another network – Thuruya DSL – which are used in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Prepaid satellite internet gives you all the benefits expected from a broadband. The difference is on the source of signals. And this difference accounts for the speed.


Track Phone Minutes

Know The Big Secret To Get Track Phone Minutes

The Myth – prepaid wireless is more expensive than cellular phone in terms of cost per minute. This is not true; maybe in years back but currently, you can have deals of cheap prepaid wireless. You can try the track phone minutes. The competitiveness in the telecommunication market prompted many service providers to do some offering to attract customers. One of this is the track phone minutes – a trick that involves getting additional minutes to your track phone wireless card. When you get acquainted with this, you will surely enjoy the cheapest and cool way of going wireless internet.

Your initial action to get track phone minutes would be to acquire a phone deal that comes with track phone double minute card. The card per se is not expensive. In fact it comes free with the track phone you are going to buy. So – the actual price comparison is dependent of the phone unit you wish to buy. Before you close the deal, be witty enough. There are track cards that are offered with promotional feature on track minutes such as the DMFL.

DMFL benefit

DMFL stands for double minutes for life. As said, this is a promotional offering attached to a track phone unit that you are going to buy. Examples of phone units with DMFL are LG 225 and Motorola W 370. But you can have more options, with idea on the pricing, if you spend some time browsing the internet. The double minutes are actually self-explanatory. It is conceived as having minutes twice the length of time of the card you bought. Example, if your card is contains 60 minutes or one hour, with DMFL the number of minutes you can use for that same card is 120 minutes of 2 hours. You are in essence buying the card at half the price. The benefit could be better understood with simple mathematics. Buy a card for $24 for 120 minutes. With this, the cost of per minute usage is $0.20. But with DMFL, consumable minutes become 240 so the effective cost per minute becomes $0.10 only. Your cost is halved.  This is awesome offer!

Bonus Codes

There are track phone minutes that are designed to give you bonuses of additional minutes. For instance, your allowable usage is 200 minutes; you can be given any amount of minute bonus, say 120 minutes. Then your total consumable minutes becomes 320 minutes. You then are credited with 120 free minutes. If you are using a cell phone with bonus feature, be sure to use the bonus codes incorporated in the phone unit.

DMFL with bonus

There is still another card with more minute option. There is this kind of DMFL cards that comes with bonus. So you are not only doubling your total minutes usage, you have a plus to the doubled time. So if you have 120 minutes load in your card, with DMFL it becomes 240 minutes, with bonus of 100 minutes, the total available time is the summation which is 340 minutes.

With these features, who says that prepaid wireless is expensive? If you are conceiving of saving on cellular phone usage, get a unit with track phone minutes. In these hard times, people try to find ways to save. Since cellular phones are inevitable in your daily life, maximize the value of your money. And cellular phone providers know this – they answer to a consumers call!


TMobile Wireless Card

The Best Alternative – Connect To The Net Sin Cables With T-Mobile Wireless Card

Going wireless is now the choice of many computer users. This emanated from the incredible rise in the number of laptop owners. People drifted to the wireless because of time maximization. And in answer to the call, the TMobile wireless card was introduced. This is the new way to get connected anywhere and anytime. Thus the TMobile wireless card is enjoyed by workers who want to do his job in a virtual office – the parking space, the park, and even the restaurant.

In the current period, there is nobody who does not know how to get connected via the internet. Even children do their assignments using the internet. And it has been observed that modernization has made life running fast and every single hour is valuable. Originally for the executive – laptops became a common carry-item of all sorts of individuals – whether company officers, ordinary workers or students. Even at home, many have opted for laptops instead of the traditional desktops. Cognizant of this new trend, internet providers designed various ways to get wireless internet.

Introduced by a Washington, U.S.A. based company, T-Mobile U.S.A., a mobile wireless card is now predominantly employed. This company is a national internet provider that caters to wireless voice, messaging and data information services. What could be the reasons for choosing this company?

  • Reliability of the network
  • Value of the company’s plans
  • Quality of Service
  • Breadth of the coverage

T-mobile has introduced in the internet market its T-mobile wireless card. And again, we have to find reasons to the viability of this option for internet connectivity.

T-mobile’s wireless card is easy to use. You just slide the wireless card into the user’s laptop. The card will find and connect to the nearest T-mobile GPRS or Hot-spot WiFi networks and once the laptop picks up signal, you can do all the internet browsing and emailing you want.

The GC79 and GC 89 are T-mobile’s wireless cards. They have compatibility with the IEEE 802.11b, EDGE and GSM/GPRS. Either can be accessed by any computer using any of these operating systems:  Windows XP, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 and Windows ME. GC 79 has the following speeds – 43 kbps for GPRS, 86 kbps for down loading and 43 kbps for uploading. It is WiFi enabled and is in strict compliance with the PC card standard. The GC 89 has higher speed.

Benefits in using the T-mobile wireless cards:

  1. T-mobile wireless card gives you the advantage of using your minutes from phone calling instead of paying separate internet connection fees and WiFi access.
  2. It is cost-saving and fees are affordable.
  3. T-mobile patrons can roam and connect to high speed internet connectivity, anywhere they are.
  4. The wireless card can be used at home even if there is no traditional internet access.
  5. T-mobile card is valuable to internet users who bring their laptops in their travels overseas.

With very affordable price range, the T-mobile wireless card gives you all the internet plans that suit your needs. There are many Hot spots so that the speed and connectivity will never be a problem. So laptop owners and internet addicts, this is your chance to be connected anywhere, anytime at fast speed and low cost.