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Cellular Broadband – A Mobile Internet For People On The Go!

Are you not amazed by the continuing development in the internet technology? The internet has evolved from the simple DSL and cable internet to the present day cellular broadband or mobile broadband and wireless broadband. Life for many people of this technology world is fast paced. So, they are always moving. In fact they are the kind of people who make every space their virtual office. These people were the inspiration of electronics and telecommunication engineers in their continuous quest for innovation – their discovery of cellular broadband.

Cellular broadband internet connection is also called mobile broadband internet. Do not confuse this with a wireless broadband. They are entirely different.  A wireless broadband is an internet connection sin the cables that are connected to the computer. A wireless broadband needs just a router and your laptop or computer turns home Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the cellular (or mobile) broadband can have internet connection through cellular sites. As long as there are cellular towers in the locality, you can have internet connection. You cellular phone will have a new task.

How reliable and dependable is the cellular broadband?

As long as there is good signal transmitted by the cellular site or tower, the cellular broadband will run with adequate speed to perform the designated task. However, if the locale has poor cellular signal, do not expect to have internet connections, no matter how updated and versatile your laptop is.

How can you connect to a cellular broadband?

  1. First requisite is a cellular site or tower. It is through this that signal is acquired which in turn transmits the data.
  2. You need the following devices – cellular phones, mobile dongle (the mobile modem) and data card.
  3. Click the appropriate button for an internet connection.

There is new development in the field of mobile broadband. This pertains to computers manufactured with a built-in cellular broadband. With this invention, all you have to do is install an adaptor card in the slot in the computer. Once done, you can go on the run.

There are two popular cell systems, already both digital. These are the GSM and CDMA. In the internet connection, the systems are assigned available channels that will send internet data instead of voice.

The presence almost everywhere of cellular sites inspires service providers to go into the cellular broadband business. So – internet providers include this cellular broadband in their services. Different service providers use different networks with different bandwidths. There are providers that make use of the EDGE network and they operate with 274 kbps. There are some who still utilize the GPRS service with a slower speed – 30 to 80 kbps. There is one solution with average 400 to 700 kbps bandwidth; this is the UMTS/HSDPA. This is available in some metropolitan areas only. Furthermore, other providers use the EV-DO technology as the solution which has 400 to 700 kbps and a burst speed of 2.4Mbps.

The cellular broadband has been a great help to people who want to establish virtual offices. Because of the need to do their jobs fast, they connect to the internet anywhere they go. There is assurance that as we move along in this modern world, electronics and telecommunications will always be top priority in inventions.