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Prepaid Cell Phone Internet

Another Era Of Wireless – The Prepaid Cell Phone Internet Is Here!

From the ordinary phone connected internet (DSL) sprung different types of internet connections. Broadband, as the term is widely used today, is no longer confined in the homes or offices. With wireless, any place can function for internet connectivity. WiFi came, mobile internets proliferated the telecommunications market. And the mobile and wireless internet providers now have the prepaid cell phone internet. You want to save? What do you profit in using the prepaid cell phone internet?

A prepaid cell phone internet offers many benefits. You do not have a need for time consuming contracts. There will be no hassle of reading, signing and having the contract approved. There is no need for credit checking which is usually present in a postpaid subscription. There is no required monthly billing, meaning you only pay for what you consume. And – you have the connection at the tip of your fingers – no waiting!

What are the requirements for a prepaid cellular internet?

The necessities are broadband card, installation flash drive, high speed USB 2.0 and of course, you should have a user manual to be able to install correctly. The system requirement is very basic – it will run with any of the following OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista. Another must is 32 MB RAM, 14 MB disc space and USB 2.0 slot or port.

The cellular internet is comparable to a cable or DSL broadband. The only difference is the kind of phone lines used – DSL for cable connected home telephones while the cellular broadband makes connection through cellular sites. The cellular internet is also different from the wireless WiFi where you use your laptop or WiFi enabled devices in hot spots to connect to the net. The cellular internet enables you to surf, email, upload and download with your laptop in places with cellular signals. This is also called mobile internet. This mobile internet now comes without a contract – it is prepaid cellular internet.

Ways to have a prepaid cellular internet connection :

  • Buy a laptop with a built-in wireless (cellular) internet.
  • Buy a wireless or broadband card that you can slide into the slot of your laptop.
  • Buy a USB modem that can be plugged to the laptop through a USB port.

Depending on your modem and card type, you can have varying speeds of internet connectivity. The speed can be as fast as your internet connection at home with a DSL or even faster when there is strong cellular signal. Of course, the speed is also dependent on your modem.

For whom is the prepaid cellular internet?

If you are a person who has extreme mobility, you are better with a cellular internet. If you are mobile but you are not sure of your internet time (not consistent), you better have the prepaid cellular internet. Then the cellular internet card is recommended to you if you are not keen on having commitments with internet service providers.

However, there are minor flaws in the prepaid cellular internet. You might find that sometimes, they are not as fast as expected, especially when you are downloading large files at a long period of time. There are also some prepaid cellular providers who restrict you from streaming and sharing (though this is also a restriction that can be made on postpaid subscriptions). But the good thing is, the prepaid cellular internet is good in data burst. With prepaid cellular internet, you can readily shift from one provider to another. You can get the best deal.  

Are you now ready to shift to prepaid cellular internet? Try it but as you are doing your dry run, do not yet cut-off your existing postpaid internet. You can have a comparison on the two and you can decide which suits you better.