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Prepaid Satellite Internet

Will You Try The Prepaid Satellite Internet?

Satellite?  How can an internet source its connectivity from a satellite dish? Well do not be naïve,   it is now possible and what will amaze you more? There is a prepaid satellite internet? Well you know that prepaid internet has many advantages to you since you are not using the internet extensively. Will the prepaid satellite internet be better than your current prepaid mobile internet?

Indeed, telecommunication has gone a long way. You could hardly count on your fingers the many innovations that have marveled you. Computers, cellular phones, laptops, internets – all these inventions have had unaccounted benefits to human life.  And now, at your finger tips is another innovation – the satellite for your internet.

Satellite data communications is getting its share in this competitive internet market. The portable satellite data communicator has been launched and used. In the beginning, the satellite data transfer was limited to large business establishments. Or – they were tied down to large dish that required big space. But now, there are portable satellite dishes which are available at affordable cost.

The satellite communications can connect with the use of a satellite terminal which in turn can be used for the following functions:

  1. Browse the web
  2. Be in touch through instant messaging
  3. Send and receive email
  4. Video, audio and test streaming
  5. Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  6. Fax over IP
  7. Access securely through VPN and SSH
  8. Do image and video transfers through the IP-enabled camera software.

How to use the satellite dish

This portable satellite device can be easily set-up. The terminal is light and buoyant to bring and transport.  When you are at your desired location, the GPS sensors in the terminals will indicate your exact location. The software in the device will point out the directions. All you have to do after is angle the sensor to the pointed direction. Now, you have set up your prepaid satellite internet.

Immediately after your terminal is connected to the satellite, you can connect to the internet. You can have a fast internet speed, depending on the model of your satellite. In most cases, the speed of this kind of internet connection is faster that your home-based dial-up. The satellite terminal will be the transmitter of data – both in sending and receiving. The terminal is comparable to your cable or DSL modem. To start with your internet job, you just connect the satellite’s terminal to your laptop. You can use Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB or Wifi.

As for the coverage of your prepaid satellite internet, you can have RBGAN (Regional Broadband Global Area Network) or BGAN (Broadband global Area Network). BGAN has a wider coverage – the whole of Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The RBGAN works on the areas where BGAN does except for North and Central America. There is still another network – Thuruya DSL – which are used in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Prepaid satellite internet gives you all the benefits expected from a broadband. The difference is on the source of signals. And this difference accounts for the speed.