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Track Phone Minutes

Know The Big Secret To Get Track Phone Minutes

The Myth – prepaid wireless is more expensive than cellular phone in terms of cost per minute. This is not true; maybe in years back but currently, you can have deals of cheap prepaid wireless. You can try the track phone minutes. The competitiveness in the telecommunication market prompted many service providers to do some offering to attract customers. One of this is the track phone minutes – a trick that involves getting additional minutes to your track phone wireless card. When you get acquainted with this, you will surely enjoy the cheapest and cool way of going wireless internet.

Your initial action to get track phone minutes would be to acquire a phone deal that comes with track phone double minute card. The card per se is not expensive. In fact it comes free with the track phone you are going to buy. So – the actual price comparison is dependent of the phone unit you wish to buy. Before you close the deal, be witty enough. There are track cards that are offered with promotional feature on track minutes such as the DMFL.

DMFL benefit

DMFL stands for double minutes for life. As said, this is a promotional offering attached to a track phone unit that you are going to buy. Examples of phone units with DMFL are LG 225 and Motorola W 370. But you can have more options, with idea on the pricing, if you spend some time browsing the internet. The double minutes are actually self-explanatory. It is conceived as having minutes twice the length of time of the card you bought. Example, if your card is contains 60 minutes or one hour, with DMFL the number of minutes you can use for that same card is 120 minutes of 2 hours. You are in essence buying the card at half the price. The benefit could be better understood with simple mathematics. Buy a card for $24 for 120 minutes. With this, the cost of per minute usage is $0.20. But with DMFL, consumable minutes become 240 so the effective cost per minute becomes $0.10 only. Your cost is halved.  This is awesome offer!

Bonus Codes

There are track phone minutes that are designed to give you bonuses of additional minutes. For instance, your allowable usage is 200 minutes; you can be given any amount of minute bonus, say 120 minutes. Then your total consumable minutes becomes 320 minutes. You then are credited with 120 free minutes. If you are using a cell phone with bonus feature, be sure to use the bonus codes incorporated in the phone unit.

DMFL with bonus

There is still another card with more minute option. There is this kind of DMFL cards that comes with bonus. So you are not only doubling your total minutes usage, you have a plus to the doubled time. So if you have 120 minutes load in your card, with DMFL it becomes 240 minutes, with bonus of 100 minutes, the total available time is the summation which is 340 minutes.

With these features, who says that prepaid wireless is expensive? If you are conceiving of saving on cellular phone usage, get a unit with track phone minutes. In these hard times, people try to find ways to save. Since cellular phones are inevitable in your daily life, maximize the value of your money. And cellular phone providers know this – they answer to a consumers call!